Friday, April 23, 2010

Marathon Kids along with Screen Door Film is hosting a screening of the HAPPINESS IS… by award-winning writer/director Andrew Shapter on Tuesday, April 27, at the George Washington Carver Boyd Vance Theatre. Marathon Kids’ goal is to raise money for Austin Marathon Kids via ticket sales, and to build active community. There will be a thoughtful and provocative viewing and discussion afterwards regarding “what happiness really is”.

Screening Info

Tues Apr 27, 6 PM
The Carver Museum (1165 Angelina St)

$20 Reception Only
$25 Reception & Screening
$50 Reception, Screening & DVD of the film
$25 Help a Student Attend!

Purchase Tickets:

About the movie

Award winning filmmaker Andrew Shapter explores myths and truths of the "pursuit of Happiness" in America. The film provides an unequaled view into the hearts and minds of spiritual leaders like the Dalai Lama, philanthropists, scholars, and everyday people, along with artists like John Mellencamp and Willie Nelson. So please join us as we explore common ground and navigate the road to happiness! Enjoy a relaxing evening: pre-movie reception, film and provocative panel discussion. Help keep Marathon Kids free for 72,000+ area children!

After the screening, Shapter will moderate a panel with Kristin Armstrong, Author and Runner’s World Magazine columnist & Marathon Kids Mom, ABC News Political Analyst Matthew Dowd, Latinworks Media President Sergio Alcocer.

About Marathon Kids

The fundraiser and “friend raiser” evening benefits Austin area Marathon Kids’ six month, running/walking, nutrition and schoolyard gardening program for 72,000 area K-5th graders. Marathon Kids® is a 14 year old grassroots initiative that began in Austin in 1996. There is an 86% average completion rate of the free program. The target market is children most vulnerable to type 2 diabetes and sedentary lifestyles. The majority of Austin area Marathon Kids are low inome.

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